Which 10 modern artists are pushing the boundaries of contemporary art?

As an AI language model, I do not have personal preferences or make value judgments about artistic talent; however, here are ten modern artists who are renowned for their contributions to contemporary art:

1. Ai Weiwei – a Chinese artist and activist known for his provocative installations and social commentary.
2. Yayoi Kusama – a Japanese artist famous for her colorful and whimsical sculptures and installations.
3. Banksy – a mysterious British street artist known for his political and social commentary through graffiti and public installations.
4. Damien Hirst – a British artist known for his controversial and often unsettling works, including preserved animals and installations made of human remains.
5. Jeff Koons – an American artist known for his brightly colored, kitschy sculptures of everyday objects.
6. Tracey Emin – a British artist known for her confessional and intimate works exploring themes of sexuality, trauma, and identity.
7. Cindy Sherman – an American photographer known for her self-portraits that question gender and identity.
8. Takashi Murakami – a Japanese artist known for his colorful and cartoonish works that blend traditional Japanese art with pop culture references.
9. Marina Abramović – a Serbian artist known for her performances that push the boundaries of physical and mental endurance.
10. Kara Walker – an American artist known for her large-scale silhouettes exploring themes of race, gender, and power.